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Tourism providers with a Tourism & Disability label

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Thanks to the voluntary commitment of Professionals of the tourist industry and hosts, we can today put forward sites that will offer comfort and autonomy throughout your stay. Your hosts open their doors for you with the intention of making your holiday a good one.

Sites labelled Tourism & Disability:

Or not, but accessible to people with disabilities:

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Traffic lights equipped for partially-sighted persons

The City of Niort equipped the traffic lights of 17 crossroads of a sound guide for visually disabled persons and partially-sighted persons. These people can activate the sound guide by means of a remote control, delivered by the city hall to the Niortais holders of a 80 % disabled persons' card.

List of the equipped crossroads :

City centre
Avenue Maréchal-de-Lattre-de-Tassigny - rue Eiffel ; Pont Main ; rue Espingole - quai de la Préfecture ; rue de Ribray, rue du Clou-Bouchet, rue du Bas-Sablonnier ; avenue de Paris - avenue des Martyrs de la Résistance - rue Alsace-Lorraine ; rue du 14 juillet - rue Barra - avenue des Martyrs de la Résistance ; rue du 14 juillet - avenue de Limoges ; rue du 14 juillet - rue Viala - avenue Bujault ; rue du 14 juillet - rue de la Gare ; rue Terraudière - rue de Bellune - rue Paul-François-Proust ; rue Paul-François-Proust - avenue de Limoges ; rue de la Gare - rue Paul-François-Proust ; rue Mazagran - avenue de Limoges ; rue Mazagran - boulevard Cassin.

Route de Coulonges - rue de l'Hometrou - rue Henri Fabre - rue du Coteau Saint-Hubert.

La Tour Chabot - Gavacherie
Rue de la Tour Chabot - boulevard de l'Atlantique - avenue Salvador Allende.

Avenue Saint-Jean-d'Angély - avenue Charles-de-Gaulle - avenue Louis Pasteur.

Souché et quartier Nord
Rue du Fief des Amourettes - rue des Maisons Rouges - avenue de Paris.

Tourism and handicap : the Tourist Office enriches its services !

The Tourist Office has been equipped with specific materials allowing to improve the capacities of crossing of most of the not motorized wheelchairs and so offer to their users the possibility of moving on until then inaccessible routes !

To accompany his family or his friends on paths in the uneven cover is not any more an assault course !

The "Module Tout Chemin ®" ( MTC) of the company MagelanThe device "Module Tout Chemin ®" (MTC), registered trademark by the company Magelan, implanted locally, settles easily on the front of your armchair and, by adding him a front wheel of big diameter, multiply by 8 his capacity of crossing !

Desire to leave having a walk by bicycle ? This module also moors in the bike of your accompanying person and allows you to share with him the pleasures of the discovery of the territory.

These devices are proposed in the rent just as much to the tourist clientele in stay that with the local inhabitants. On the basis of price lists in the day, week or more, this equipment will allow the largest number to circulate more freely in town or to the countryside.

Details and conditions : contact your Tourist Office to 05 49 24 18 79 !

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