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Ruisseau "Le Lambon"

Rue de la Poste
79000 Niort
Mentioned as early as the 15th century, this semi-underground stream takes its source north of the Mellois plateau, arrives in Souché near the place called Bigoron, winds the district for 5 km, then flows into the Sèvre Niortaise, above Niort; the fountain of the Vivier, feeding the city, is undoubtedly formed by its resurgences.
In 1962, it was enlarged due to the narrowness of its bed and the collapse of the walls of the bank. In 1997, the Association pour la Restauration du Lambon et de ses Affluents (ARLA) was created, chaired at the time by MP Perrin-Gaillard, who, the following year, recruited a river technician. In 2001, its restoration began, then in 2010, the statutes of the PMRA not allowing to undertake the work of general interest required by the Water Framework Directive, is founded the Joint Union for the Restoration of the Lambon and its Tributaries (SYRLA).
  • Ruisseau Office de Tourisme de Niort-Marais Poitevin - 2011
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