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Château de la Moujaterie

Chemin des Roches
79000 Niort
View from the Chemin des Roches.
It is the seat of local justice under the Marquisat of Dampierre and the town house of the Lord. But, perhaps, was it a former fief owned by an abbey; its name derived from moniaterie meaning monk?
In the 17th century, it depended on Jean de la Cassaigne, marshal of the king’s armies, then on his son Charles, captain of the guards of the prince of Condé; in the 18th century, on Michel-André de Lavault, merchant in Niort, then on the squire Jacques Grellet des Prades de Fleurelle.
A new castle was built in 1806 near the old manor house. Its theme park was destroyed at the end of the nineteenth century. There remained the most important pigeon house in Souché than the base. Divided in two by the Paris-Bordeaux railway line, the estate was later dismantled into lots; the castle was transformed into rental apartments at the end of the 20th century.
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  • Château de la Moujaterie 1 - Niort
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