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Le "Pilori" - Espace d'arts visuels

Place Mathurin Berthomé
79000 Niort
Phone : +33 5 49 78 79 88
Raised from 1530 to 1535 by the master mason Mathurin Berthomé on the foundations of a building of the fourteenth century, this fortress of communal freedoms is the former City Hall of Niort from the Middle Ages to the Revolution. It has this name to remind us that the mayor once had the right to bring justice. As such, two iron necklaces, fixed in the wall of the building, allowed to pillage the offender carrying a sign on his neck on which was mentioned his crime.
A lapidary and numismatic museum from 1887 to 1987, the Historical Monument is today the Visual Arts Space (place of temporary exhibitions on contemporary works).

Artists are present from Tuesday to Saturday from 13.00 to 19.30 (entrance is free).
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