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Fauna and flora

The Poitevin marshlands are a haven for a number of species including some which are in danger of extinction.

Keep your eyes open and try to see traces of them along the pathway.
The knowledge and the conversation of these biotypes species are a priority for local authorities, concerned with the preservation of biodiversity.


During your rowing boat trips, you might see the Rosalia longicorn, an ash-blue coloured insect, or the eel which is in a way the emblem of the Marais poitevin. Whether purple, grey or a cattle egret, discover the 5 species of heron which are present in the Marais poitevin. You will also have the opportunity to contemplate the elegant crested pee-wit. The “rainette verte” (green tree frog) will surprise you with his climbing trees agility. If you are really lucky, you might see a European otter, one of the marshes fragile, rare and protected animals.


Along the canals, you will see yellow iris with their feet in the water, meadowsweet and the common ash, which is considered to be the emblem of the wet marshes in the Marais Poitevin.

If you want to find out more about the fauna and flora, the internet site of the interregional Park of the Poitevin Marshes is full of information. Once you are there, two sites are a must : the Maison du Marais poitevin in Coulon, which organises outings in a rowing boat or on foot with nature guides, and the Bird Reserve in St Hilaire- la Palud which offer the discovery of different species of birds in the Marais poitevin.

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