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Heritage of the Marais Poitevin


The life of the Poitevin marshlands, developed around the water, is building a way of life in a particularly pleasant climate. More than 2600 hours of sunshine per year and the closeness to the Atlantic Ocean bring an oceanic mildness. Wander through the authentic villages and go up and down the alley ways which lead to the harbours of the marshlands.
Look for typical examples of heritage : wash-houses, locks, fountains, foot bridges, Pigeon lofts.

And if the life of the marsh inhabitants is still articulated around the water, you can find the fundamental elements in the village streets which follow the bends of the canals.
Until the sixties, "la barque" (flat rowing boat that is typical of the marshes) was the only way of getting to the marshlands. In yester year, every marsh family had several of these rowing boats, in different sizes, to get around the marshlands. Today, la "barque" (the rowing boat), the emblem of the Marais Poitevin, has also developed as a tourist attraction...

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