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Walking Routes

On foot

The rounds of Niort in 80 minutes!

2 km, 1 hour 20, easy

Le Donjon de Niort côté SèvreA town centre with sixty thousand inhabitants. Niort is a witness to nine centuries of history. From its historical centre bathed by the river Sèvre Niortaise to the Place de la Brèche, this town has a rich heritage including the imposing keep built by Henry II Plantagenet, king of England. Today, the heart of the built up area beats to the rhythm of street arts during the numerous festivals which liven up the town centre and the different districts. From the top of the hills, Niort overlooks the strange landscape of the Marais Poitevin to which the town is the gateway. Capital of the mutual insurance economy, Niort has affirmed its character by the taming of its river banks and by preserving the biological and cultural diversity of the town.
Following a 2 km loop, set off on the discovery of Niort inside the walls. A human size town which presents a varied historical and monumental heritage in a very small area.

Itinerary "The rounds of Niort in 80 minutes" (in French, soon in English)

Niort, from the Sèvre to the Brèche

+ 5 km, 2 hours 30, average

La Place de la Brèche en 2013 (Niort)

From the Sèvre to the Brèche, from the twin keeps to the XXth century Espace Niortais, through the Renaissance style pillory, set off to discover the history of the monuments and important people of Niort from the Middle Ages to today. A loop of over 5km.


Itinerary "Niort, from the Sèvre to the Brèche" (in French, soon in English)

The paths of Sainte-Pezenne (Niort)

7 km, 3 hours 30, average

La fontaine d'Amourette (Niort - Sainte-Pezenne)It was during the VIth century at the time of the Merovingians, that the first traces of the village of Sainte-Pezenne appeared. At that time the village was called Thorigné, probably in honour of the god Thor. Under the reign of Clovis, the young nun Pezenne died of exhaustion on the hill just outside Niort. She was made a saint and her name was givn to the parish. On the 7th April 1965 the commune merged with Niort.

This invitation for a walk was born from the idea of a group of locals and was carried out by the local events committee with help from the district council and the town council...

Discover the pathways of a walk around the district and fall under the charm of the shaded paths along the river Sèvre, the local customs and legends, the story of the old stones which is told on the panels which accompany you all along the route.

Itinerary "The paths of Sainte-Pezenne" (in French, soon in English)

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