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Zoodyssée, a wild adventure

Family Barbara - Stagiaire communication By Barbara - Stagiaire communication, the 27 February 2015

The wildlife park Zoodyssée in Chizé reopened its doors on February 7th, after the wintry truce.
On more than 25 hectares, we discover a mixture of European wildlife (73 species) as ibexes, mouflons, wisents, deers… We also meet there roe deers, lynxes, wolves, foxes, turtles or otters. By raising the eyes to heaven, we perceive birds of prey, storks and even from time to time, owls...

Zoodysée is a park which can be explored on foot (count approximately 3 hours) but also in carriage (on reservation). Of what to take a little of height, to observe animals differently and to benefit from "lights" of an animal keeper. If you wish to exchange on the behavior and the biology of animals, it is possible to attend the feeding of the species during the animations "Meetings Man-animal" in July and August.

The paradise of the children

Besides wild animals, Zoodyssée presents pets. In the enclosure of a mini-farm, the children can cross sheeps, pigs, goats, rabbits, turkeys, hens… In complete safety, we spend a pleasant moment together with these adorable creatures there.

The park Zoodyssée also suggests celebrating its birthday in the park with all his friends. Several options are proposed with offers personalized for all the purses and according to the desires for the children.

The Bison, in the heart of the novelties 2015

A new arrangement "As closely as possible to bisons" allows the visitors, in a kind of tunnel made by wood and by boughs, to get closer as closely as possible to the bison herd, in any discretion. A kind of total dumping !

If you like the photography, the exhibition "As closely as possible to bisons" is made for you !
It is established by the work of the Polish animal photographer Krzysztof Onikijuk. He exposes to Zoodyssée the images of his last work "Bison bonasus" which is in the space shop of the park.

The little +

Until 31 Mars, benefit from the price list "Low season" ! The park will be opened every day except Tuesday (except school holidays) from 1:30 pm till 6:00 pm.
It is thus a good opportunity to come to admire young mouflonne been born this week !

The park will be opened then until November, every day from April till September 8th, then closed only on Tuesdays from September 9th till November 1st.

Good visit !


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