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Nature Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 01 June 2016

La Garette, a typical village “maraîchin” unique which amounts to a street, with a herbarium sculptured in the paved ground. We could think that we shall make fast the tour: make no mistake!
We reach it via the hold of the port or by the street of the Engraved. Notice the particularly sloping hillside giving rise to a terracing of houses which are linked and in sunken, each of her has an access to the “conche”.
Admire the architecture of facades, take time to read messages on doors... You will be amazed to see numerous small frames arranged here and there on shutters, facades … It is the second seasonal exhibition proposed from the photos of passionate inhabitants. They are eager to make you discover their village differently to all the tourists of passage. This year, they chose to present you the flora and fauna “maraîchines”. You will recognize the most familiar: the “maraîchine”, the stork, the goldfinch, the young lady maybe less the butterflies: the dawn, The aguré of Faneille … Stroll in the alley according to your discoveries, the herbarium on the ground and the hung on photos.
During my stroll, the nose in the air, I had the pleasure to find several foot of angelica, some iris yellow and to meet other animals. It is as if they had been made an appointment to greet me! The grey heron on its perched tree, the pheasant which seemed to play hide-and-seek, the cow which did not leave me eyes and an other who wished simply to give me some indications onto sound recent passage. I let you guess: the coypu, of course!

To you to explore now!

Photos framed of Mr Toussaint, Juchault and Rogeon. Other photos Alexandra Bodet.


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