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Workshop Tea-decoration : assured relaxation !

Curiosity Amandine - Etudiante en Communication By Amandine - Etudiante en Communication, the 18 January 2016

It is the story of two niortaises storekeepers, of two entrepreneurs, two friends that wish to share their passion for the decoration and the tea. Vanessa and Karine, alias "Rinska", set up for one year maintaining the meetings "Tea-decoration".

You need an advice for the arrangement of your kitchen, for the arrangement of your lounge, for the color of the walls of your bedroom ? Come on Thursdays to “L’Epicerie, Maison fondée en 2002”, between 10:30 am and 7 pm, with your photos and receive the advice of an inside decorator (Rinska), free of charge around a tea which Vanessa will have chosen you according to your tastes (Green Tea, Black Tea). Personally, I enjoyed the green Tea, the orange and the pineapple, it is a pure delight ! Each of the sessions of coaching lasts approximately 30 minutes, and if you feel the desire to deepen, make an appointment with Rinska, of “K. Création d’intérieurs”, who will be made an enjoyment help you again.

Some tea for all the tastes

Passionate about tea or simply curious, come to discover the other "teas meeting" proposed by the Grocer's shop :
· The greedy Tea, from Tuesday to Saturday (tea, candy and biscuit) for 3€50. For all the carriers of the card ambassador, this tea will be offered to you.
· The Tea cooks, learn to cook with tea. Workshops cooking take place within the shop.
· The funny Tea, with the children, discovered by fruits, workshop cooks...
· The Zen Tea, the meeting with professionals of the well-being.

Find inside the Grocer's shop of the regional products but also the Basque, Breton, Provençal specialities... The available products were previously enjoyed by Vanessa and are real knocks of heart. But a multitude of gifts and decoration is also present in the store as for example candles or perfumes of atmosphere of the brand Durance.

The speciality of the Grocer's shop is the green Tea to Angélique, apple and honey. You will find the angelica under all its forms (root, essential oil, granulates). Sold in bag or in bulk, this tea was created for the Grocer's shop in partnership with Ruralies and the Colonial Company. This tea possesses numerous virtues as those to be relaxant and digestive.

Desire for a present, for a speciality, for a specific ingredient to cook, of an advice decoration or simply to relax you around a cup of tea ? Meeting to “L’Epicerie, Maison fondée en 2002”, where you’ll be welcome in the enjoyment and the good mood.


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