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Where is Father Christmas?

Family Andrew - stagiaire au pôle communication By Andrew - stagiaire au pôle communication, the 14 December 2018

In 12 days it is Christmas! It would be hard to forget. The towns are lit up, the Christmas markets in full-swing and the Christmas trees decorated. If you have children and you don’t know how to entertain them let Father Christmas do the job for you!

As always the towns in and around Niort have arranged for Father Christmas to visit. He is due to arrive in Niort on ‘Rue Victor Hugo’: click here to find out what time and day, so that you can take a photo with him in front of the impressive Christmas tree in the town centre.

If you live in Arçais your children can meet him tomorrow from 17:00 on the ‘Place de l’Eglise’. Take the chance to go for a donkey ride with your children.

As he has the power to be everywhere at the same time he will also be in Sansais-La-Garette tomorrow from 15:00 to 21:00. On Sunday you will also be able to find him between 10:00 and 18:00 with his sledge and elves for a Feeric walk in the Tree Love Contest!

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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