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When we left early in the morning by bicycle!

Nature Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 15 June 2018

It is exactly what we made on Thursday, June 7th together with tourist persons receiving benefits.

Once the electric taken in hand bikes (rented in the Beautiful Bike of Robigo), course towards Roussille! White paths in border of Sèvre, far from the city hubbub. Only the noise of birds, possibly also the mooing of the cows of meadows surroundings, could come to disrupt the peace of mind. For those who do not know, be attentive to the road markings which will indicate you your situation (La Roussille, La Tiffardière). On your route, several discoveries: the boat with chain which connects a bank to the other one (practice for the transport of bikes), a field of angelica and the numerous footbridges to be crossed.

Matter approximately one hour to join the metallic drawbridge of Magné.

I deeply advise you to follow the new path which will take you up to the center village of Coulon. Before the drawbridge, take to the right and direction the Swamp Pine. A portion is not finalized yet, what returns the a little more difficult route on a small kilometer. Things being what they are, the promise is respected, always in border of Sèvre and on white path. You will cross even a meadow where grazes peacefully some maraîchines. Think of closing well the portal!
Here we are arrived on the quay Louis Tardy at Coulon.

The bridge was crossed, you will take the direction of Sansais-La Garette to join the wooden platelage. It is my favorite place with the girl surprised with water lenses: our idealized image of the Swamp from Poitou! Small lunch break on the port in the "Vieille Auberge" or, farther, in the street of the Gravées, in the Chantilly. You have just traveled 29 km without too much effort!

Several solutions offer themselves to you for the way back. We chose to return by the swamp of Bessines, less known and unusual. You will borrow a part of the circuit of Bike Francette, then the circuit of the number 6 from the locality " La Brémaudière ". Peaceful circuit, beautiful descents to treat carefully to us and always the Sèvre in main thread. You will arrive in the center of Bessines, every close friend of the city hall, then a delicate portion where you will share the road with cars up to the traffic circle of Saint-Liguaire, near the stadium of the ASPTT and again the white paths offer themselves to you! The bridges of Roussille to cross and return towards Niort by taking the same route as that of to go it. You arrived on the quay Métayer by having traveling 60 km without reporting it to you!

It belongs to you maintaining to bestride your bike. Good discoveries!



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