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When taken out rhyme with Camji!

Experience Coraline - stagiaire au pôle communication By Coraline - stagiaire au pôle communication, the 16 November 2018

Desire for a cultural exit? Need to discover new horizons? In every lovers of current musics: The Camji is made for you!

Placed right in the heart of the city center of Niort (3 street of the Former Museum), I advise you strongly to walk up and down the corridors of the Donjon, to go through books to the bookshop of market or even to stroll in the gardens of the Brèche before returning you to the concert of your favorite group.

Since 2000, this theater allows to put on the center stage of the regional artists such as the group Colours in the Street and Tample in concert on December 15th of this year.

Camji is thus the place completed to discover new artists and have an original and unique playlist for your next evenings.

This small room in the felted and friendly atmospheres assures you to spend a good evening, only, between friends or in family.

If the evening seemed to you too short and if you want to extend this pleasant moment, I undertake you to take advantage of the bar giving a lot of drinks to satisfy small and big.

For the tight budgets, no panic (as student, I know about what I speak)! The Camji proposes several shows a week going from 0 to 12 €: Meridian Brothers, Vicious Steel, Romain Humeau and height of others … As regards the amateurs of festival, the Camji also welcomes in its premises the second edition of the festival of metal " Rise and Fall " from November 21st till December 2nd, 2018.

The room of the Camji is also completely anchored in the cultural life of the region. Besides her usual programming, she proposes evenings organized together with local associations, she accompanies the artistic projects and organizes events with schools, prisons or still social orders.

I am ready to bet that you will find what you are looking for there!


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