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What is there to do during the Autumn Holidays?

Family Andrew - stagiaire au pôle communication By Andrew - stagiaire au pôle communication, the 19 October 2018

Today French children break up from school for two weeks. At this time of the year it is hard enough to find the motivation to try something new when the days are becoming shorter and the weather is becoming colder. If you still don’t know what you are going to do with your children this holiday then fear not, the tourist office can help you!

We have thought of everything: sport, culture and special events. Almost all of the activities mentioned are suitable for both your children and their parents.

Sports Activities
Do your children love sports? Have they ever played mini-golf? Niort Golf Club offers free two hour starter lessons for the whole family (until the 21st October).  Have you or your children ever wanted to go climbing, then why not use this holiday to try it out on France’s biggest indoor climbing wall? Also don’t forget the ‘fête du sport’ (Sports Festival) is on this weekend!  

Learn whilst having fun:
Why are there dragons in Niort? What was it like for our mothers and fathers at school and what equipment did they use? What was our first pet called? If these questions interest you then you should click here to find out more!

Happy Holidays!


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