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We tested for you the night stroll in carriage from Coulon

Family Morgane - conseillère en séjours By Morgane - conseillère en séjours, the 27 July 2018

It is at sunset, on the place of the Custom of Coulon, in the face of the House of the Swamp from Poitou, that I make an appointment with you for this big first one of the night strolls told in carriage realized and livened up by the Caravans of the Abbey. This meeting will take place every Tuesday evening until August 21st.

After a nice welcome around some refreshments, the adventure begins!
Starting signal with your coachman Jérôme, her co-pilot "Lily" (A Jack Russel) and her mare "Rosine".

Of the place of the Custom, you will join the left bank by The Repentie of Magné, only possible access with our attractive floodlit coach. Jérôme will present you then nine various races of draft horses and their characteristics and will reveal to you that your humble charger is a Norman kob.

It is from the quays of Trigale that the serious things begin!

You discovered Coulon under another face, peace and visionary. Only some fishermen linger to pick up some grips. First stop in the face of the symbolic places some Custom which saw increasing Louis Tardy, key character of the village and the founder of the Crédit Agricole.
Houses with floors where lived under the same roof several generations with, in the attic, the gold white with the swamp: the traditional white bean!

Direction the Sotterie where you discovered several floodlit paintings where the various traditions as the peach in the eel, the transport of animals and goods in boat, the donkey of Poitou and ash tree-tadpole are shining emphasized.

Return direction the footbridge of Coulon, to discover to it his surprising use and its uncertain future.

But hush, I you shall not tell it more!

All the information is available on And the reservations come true in our welcome of Niort, Coulon and Arçais, opened every day. Price list: 15 € a person.



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