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We tested for you the day hike canoe!

Experience Arthur - webmaster By Arthur - webmaster, the 13 July 2017

It is a recurring activity of Niort Beach which we inaugurated on Wednesday: a day hike canoe; a whole day of stroll on the “ Sèvre ” and the various faces of Niort in Magné.

Meeting in Magné near the swimming pool where we shall be covoiturés up to the place of departure of the hike. We are welcomed by Laurent who presents us at first the place of destination where we shall put down our canoes at the end of the day. Laurent speaks to us with passion of the route which waits for us and already we want to be there! We thus set off for Niort, the footbridge of Coquelonne, starting point of our day.

On the spot, canoes wait for us. We had the choice between a canoe 1 or 2 places. A last briefing on the route, the points where it will be necessary to come down from canoe, places to be seen and the places where stop and we are ready. Paddle in hands, life jacket on the back and the canoe in the water: it left!

The “ Sèvre ” takes place at the rate of our paddles and we discover a protected and peaceful nature. Here and there some fishermen greet us since the bank. We cross a first road and we arrive in the center of Niort. The city confides in a new light since the water. Passers-by stop to watch us crossing the " pass with canoe ", goes out of slide for canoe and we cross the city so.

We continue until Roussille to picnic and to rest as advised it to us Laurent in the morning.

Our route continues until Magné, at the heart of the Swamp from Poitou where we put down our canoes.

We adored this new stroll which can be made at the rate of each according to the physical condition which we practise dedicatedly or for the first time the canoe. Furthermore, the route allies a part of “ Sèvre ” underestimated but protected upstream to Niort and the charms of the Swamp from Poitou then.

Desire to embark? 
It is every Wednesday until August 23rd. 
To reserve, meeting in Niort Beach at the latest the day before the departure. 


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