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We made out a will for you: Rand O masks of the landing stage Cardinaud

Nature Arthur - webmaster By Arthur - webmaster, the 29 August 2017

By looking for a way of discovering Coulon otherwise, we decided to make the route Géocaching of the landing stage Cardinaud!
The idea? Travel the village to discover masks containing each an indication(index) to find an expression mystery.
In the welcome of the landing stage Cardinaud, we are welcomed by our guide who presents us the route.
Having put back us the pad of game and a plan and to have shown us an example of mask, her accompanies us up to the first hiding place.
The concept is simple and easy to understand. Hiding places are identified on a plan, then once there, it is necessary to find a point of blue paint: the hiding place is unless a meter! Every mask reveals an indication which we postpone on the pad of game allowing to find the answer to the end.
We thus dash in the collection of our second mask, then the third … And it is necessary to recognize that sometimes, even by finding the point of paint, we look a little for the hiding place. Because obviously it is hidden: it is necessary to search little!
On the way, we travel the towpath, the quays, the alleys underestimated by Coulon to discover this classified village Small City of Character ®.
Ideally conceived, there is no order to be respected, we conceive its route as we wish it and we can make some stopping places for the desire, for the House of the Swamp from Poitou in particular or in a café for a gourmet break.
At the end of our collection, we get back to the landing stage where we find our guide with whom we decipher the indications and find the expression mystery!
It is necessary to matter approximately two hours to make all of the route(course). Good plan: if you make it with young children, two a little more distant hiding places are in bonus. You can so not discover them unless it compromises your chances to find the expression mystery at the end!

Desire to make out a will?
It is possible until November 11th, 2017.
Reservation in the Tourist office by clicking here.


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