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We made out a will for you: Henri-Georges Clouzot, a director in works

Experience Arthur - webmaster By Arthur - webmaster, the 26 October 2017

If you are a faithful reader of this blog, you know certainly that the City of Niort and the Urban area of Niortais dedicate this year and until February, 2018 a tribute to the director Henri-Georges Clouzot.

Pause of the tribute to the director, the Bernard d'Agesci museum welcomes the exhibition " Henri-Georges Clouzot, a director in works " where are highlighted the narrow links which Clouzot maintained with the artists (and friends) of period such as Picasso, Braque, Dubuffet, Vasarely and many others.

Occupying a whole wing of the ground floor, the installation is divided into four spaces. Three are focused on movies of Clouzot which have all a strong attachment in the visual art.

We so begin with an installation on the kinetic art. It is in reality about a faithful reproduction of the exposure which we can see in “ The prisoner “. Besides, the atmosphere break plunges us at the heart of the art of the 60s and the atmosphere which we found in galleries in this period.

A tribute in “ Hell “, unfinished movie follows itself where the used colors highlight the disorders of the central figure embodied by Romy Schneider.

Then, we penetrate into two rooms dedicated to the “ Mystery into Picasso “, probably the movie where we distinguish most the closeness and the influence of the visual arts on the cinema of Clouzot. These moments are put forward with extracts of the movie and four works of Picasso with which one (“Head of Fauna”) is realized during the movie and the extract of which we can see.

Finally, the last room is dedicated to the collector whom was Clouzot and allows to appreciate the art of the years 50-60, major period of the recent art.

If you are an amateur of cinema, an ardent supporter of Clouzot or even a simple curious, I can only advise you to run to the museum Bernard d' Agesci and to let you plunge into this unpublished universe, a timeless bubble. Take advantage of it to discover or rediscover the permanent collections and why not opt for a coupled bill " 2 museums " and visit the Donjon of Niort.

The Tourist office Niort-swamp Poitevin tested for you the exhibition " Henri-Georges Clouzot, a director in works " to the museum Bernard d'Agesci in Niort


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