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Vegetables, détox remedy after the parties!

Experience Eva - Webmaster By Eva - Webmaster, the 15 January 2016

Every year, you wait for the parties for a long time by telling you " Great, I am going to be able to eat some foie gras, some chocolate ". But, when they passed, it is there that you begin to regret having too much eaten! The chocolate and the foie gras made a way on your love handles and you feel bloated. No panic! Do not begin a drastic diet(regime), because the solution more is not to eat, but to begin again to eat healthily. Now vegetables go into the story …

Vegetables are our friends (I do not tell you a salad!): 
Then yes, why I come to take you the cabbage (good, promised, I stop plays on words!) with the benefactions of vegetables. I am going to give you 5 good reasons for consuming it (without moderation):
1. They are filled with vitamins
2. They allow to reduce the risks of several cancers
3. They favor the digestion
4. They return the more beautiful skin 
5. They quickly satisfy us

Vegetables yes, but not any! 
Favor seasonal vegetables! They answer at the right time our nutritional needs according to the season (the nature is made well you do not find?). They contain fewer pesticides, because they have weather and place adequate for their growth (it's as if you ate a strawberry in winter). That's why seasonal vegetables have much more taste and are rich in antioxidants! They are also cheaper because, for example, they require little transport and no tax of import.

Winter vegetables: beet, broccoli, cardoon, carrot, celery, cabbage, cauliflower, gourd, watercress, Chinese artichoke, endive, spinach, mache, turnip, onion, sorrel, parsnip, dandelion, leek, pumpkin, radish, salsify, Jerusalem artichoke (source

Recipe of former days to make like spinach to the children! 
We wished to announce you a recipe of the book "La cuisine en Poitou" by Maurice Béguin (available on the reception of the Tourist office Niort-Marais Poitevin). 

Recipe of the soufflé in spinach (which is going to leave speechless to you!)
Take approximately a half a pound of spinach, make them go pale, cross them in the sieve, and then in the clarified butter. Bind them with four egg yolks, add some worn Parmesan cheese, add four egg whites whipped in snow very firm. Be urgent in kettledrum, buttered beforehand; sprinkle with worn Parmesan cheese, and bake rather warmly until the soufflé rose well. Remove just and serve immediately.



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