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To make out a will: the unusual exhibition on treasures hidden from the “Moulin du Milieu”!

Curiosity Célia - assistante en communication By Célia - assistante en communication, the 07 July 2017

In this hot summer day, it is of a historic meeting about which I come to speak to you. History, both by the place in which it is installed and by his unpublished character! Because, if the medieval donjon of Niort already enjoys a certain reputation, the new temporary exhibition which he shelters should be a surprise with it more with one …

I open you the step towards a journey in the time between the walls of the Donjon, soberly entitled "Moulin du Milieu - Niort".

Because, it is good the industrial activity of the former site of the “Moulin du Milieu” which this exhibition approaches, further to archaeological excavations led by the INRAP in 2009 on the current eponym parking lot. A long-term job the dug up treasures of which can be observed at the moment! Tannery, foundry or still earthenware factory followed one another near the city between the XVIIIth and the XXth century. So many vestiges of the important commercial activity of Niort over time which lift a certain emotion, between leather falls, failures of cooking and memories of holidays were thrown to the garbage dump …

Distributed on three rooms, the exhibition "Moulin du Milieu - Niort" begins in the black prison to redraw the progress of archaeological excavations undertaken at the foot of the castle 8 years ago, before being interested in the fragile earthenware and leather finds in the low room. The stroll ends in the clear prison in the theme of Sèvre Niortaise and its place in the course of the centuries in the city of Niort.

Very instructive thematic route and was designed well, the exhibition is stuffed with interactive and sensory installations for youngs and big!

In summary, an unusual dive in the home-made and industrial past of the city not to be missed!

Exhibition to be seen to the museum of the Donjon of Niort, from June 17th, 2017 till December 31st, 2018, from Tuesday till Sunday.

More information by clicking here.



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