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The young restologique of the Ornithological Park

Experience Eva - Webmaster By Eva - Webmaster, the 24 July 2015

If you are curious, you noticed that the ornithological Park " The Birds of the Swamp from Poitou " to Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud, been a member of the inescapable of our region. With its 70 sorts species of birds as well as a plentiful flora distributed on 8 hectares, our eyes must to be amazed. But today, if I come to speak to you about it, it is because there is something new in the Park Ornitho ': the restaurant in the local flavors.

Meeting with David Hervouet, farmer - restaurant owner

At first, David was fascinated by vegetables, swamp and his vegetation. After his studies, he went off to explore numerous countries such as the Netherlands, Tanzania or still New Caledonia. These journeys allowed him to discover and to learn the functioning of the organic farming: a culture adapted to its environment. Of return of his trip, David returns more enriches that never; he found an agricultural technique in accordance with his ideas. This is the way the objective of a table locavore* was born. What he wished above all, it was to share this passion of the good vegetables, raised biologically and in touch with the seasonality. Be able to cook to the visitors of the ornithological park of his parents of seasonal produce and so restore a sense in the plate (not eat a tomato in the middle of winter for example!). 

*Locavore: which consumes only local products, produced at a short distance of its place of residence. (Source :

Successful objective!

With the ambition, David is not little proud to have reached his goal. The beginning of season 2015, now the restaurant opens its doors. After one year of works, the park finds its peace. Vegetables served in plates are mainly the ones of the Ornithological Park, cultivated in a biological way because the used treatments are partially prepared with wild plants of the Swamp. We also find these wild plants in our plates, they decorate for example our salads and vary according to the season. As stuffed inhabitant of Poitou with stinging nettles who is a member of dishes of moment. All this accompanied with products local as goat cheese stemming from the production " Emma's cheeses " situated to Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud.

The key dishes:

Here are some dishes of the card which your papillae can taste. 
· The plate maraichine: raw vegetables of kitchen garden, mixed of green salad, traditional ham of Vendée, goat cheese of the production " Emma's cheeses ". 
· The plate tradition: raw vegetables of kitchen garden, mixed of green salad, organic traditional white beans of Arçais produced in animal drive (use of a horse and not a tractor!), stuffed inhabitant of Poitou in the stinging nettle, the terrine of chicken liver in the pineau.
· The dessert which is all the rage: fromage frais farmer of Benon (resulting cows which are still in meadows and which do not eat corn!), jam of angelica from Pierre Thonnard, crystallized Angélique and cake of country "house" in the pineau.

The coffee is organic and fair (And yes, in the swamp it does not still push a coffee tree !)

In your forks !


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