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The tumulus of Péré: one of the biggest mound of Europe in Deux-Sèvres!

Curiosity Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC By Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC, the 14 September 2018

The patrimonial current events of this week, it is of course the inescapable meeting of Heritage Days. The theme held this year is " The art of the sharing ". I thus chose of you " share " my very favorite: the tumulus of Péré, a private archeological site in the middle of nowhere rarely open to the general public!

Elaine Lacroix, conservative of the museum of the Tumulus of Bougon (Deux-Sèvres), will liven up on Saturday morning a visit of this exceptional megalithic building, one of the biggest mound of Europe in Deux-Sèvres!

In some places of the center-village of Prissé-la-Charrière, lost in the heart of a wood, not far from the eponym castle, the tumulus of Péré, 100 meters long and wide of 20, is an inviolate funeral set for more than 6.000 years. Even the Gallo-Romans, who took its stones to make some lime, did not destroy its structure!

The construction of this long, frequent tumulus on the Atlantic facade, was spread out at least in three phases over 400 years. Quoted for the first time in 1840 as anthropological monument (made by the man), it is searched since 1995 by European specialists of the megalithic art and reconstituted in 3D from 2017. Difficult to imagine originally a hillock covered by the forest which will patiently be excavated to allow to bring to light this stone built Neolithic dry necropolis and in ground.

That one discovered up to here the archaeologists? Three sepulchral rooms; individual and collective graves; bones of adults, children and newborn children; ceramic in offering …
This place, today concealed behind trees, illustrates life-size the Neolithic, fundamental period by the history of the Humanity during which the Man settles and builds impressive funerary monuments.

If, having visited the archeological site, you want to deepen your knowledge, meeting on Wednesday, September 19th, at 6 pm, at the House of the Associations of Niort, to attend the conference " 20 years of searches of the tumulus of Péré " livened up by Luc Laporte, researcher to the CNRS UMR - University of Rennes. The entrance is free.
You go to change look on your ancestors!


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