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The Tourist office tested for you a trip in the Swamp from Poitou!

Nature Jennifer - conseillère en séjours By Jennifer - conseillère en séjours, the 29 June 2017

At this beginning of June, the good weather gave us the desire to leave experimenting for you a stroll in canoe of two hours to one of our partner landing stages of the Tourist office. The choice is very difficult so much every village possesses its peculiarities, its charm and its disorientation.

I decided to take my just arrived colleague in the region, Séverine, in this exceptional expedition which gets off the beaten track, to give her the taste and the desire to give some knocks of ream in a restful and magnificent place: the Swamp from Poitou our Swamp from Poitou.

We drew lots and the landing stage which stood out winning of our small childish game is that of Mazeau. Delighted by our chosen direction, we set off for the vendean swamp in the direction of the landing stage of Green Venice.

Out of the question for all that to travel the swamp the empty stomach, we made stage "at the water's edge", in a restaurant open air, with the feet up in the fresh grass at Delphine and Alex. This restaurant, which opened its doors there is about ten days for the second consecutive season, is situated next to the landing stage. Relaxed and friendly welcome, we were delighted to discover this place.

Then, by 2 pm, the hour of the departure rang. Tracks here we are. A canoe, two paddles, a can seals to take of course our cameras and especially THE PLAN of circuits proposed by the landing stage.

Martine directs us, we listen carefully these recommendations: "in the second bridge to the right, otherwise you will follow the big channel and it will be less unusual and then the yellow route, the central conche, conche of the been in hiding and then conche of the detached house and return by the blue circuit …". Everything is memorized, finally he seems to us.

We spent the restful and puzzling afternoon, two hours to let carry along with the current. Different stroll in a shaded and wild swamp. No coypus, but beautiful cows maraichines on private plots of land and of numerous dragonflies and young ladies.

A restful excursion which made us appreciate beauty and tranquillity of places far from the excitement of the office.

We were anxious to thank Jérémy, owner of the landing stage and Martine for their explanations and their benevolence towards us.

The landing stage is certified Commitment quality. He proposes strolls in boat accompanied by a guide boatman or without guide. You can also as opt us for the canoe which is lighter and which allows a faster travel on the swamp. Open every day in season, from April till September, the reservation is deeply advised.

To know more about it, it is this way and also here for the other landing stages.

We finished our afternoon by a small passage in the port of Damvix to meet Christian and Annabelle aboard their boat-cruise: the Collibert.

We invite you to take advantage of this beautiful cruise on the Green Venice. Departure of the port of Damvix at 11:45 am and arrival at about 4 pm. 30 km of navigation with passages of locks, live comments and meals and well-kept services on board. Various menus at the choice: country and gastronomic.

To reserve: as from July 3rd, because before it is complete! Find all the information necessary for the preparation of your cruise by clicking here and you can also reserve your places for the Tourist office Niort swamp Poitevin.

Here is the colourful afternoon and in sharing which ends. We shall return to take advantage of the swamp of Damvix aboard the pedal boats of the landing stage " The Blue Frog " or in the dawn by taking a breakfast floating aboard the boat electric walk " Happy Day ".



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