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The Tête de Mule, new beer of the Marais poitevin

Experience Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 11 September 2014

The Brewery of the Marais poitevin brings back to life ! After its lock at the end of 2013, no more beer of the Marais poitevin was produced. It was without counting on Sebastien Courtin, age 38 and native of Saint-Pompain and fascinated by the beer for more than 10 years. Having obtained operator's University degree of Brewery to the University of La Rochelle, Sebastien has just reopened the brewery with his partner Emeni Galouzi. Together, they produced their first beer of the Marais poitevin : the Tête de Mule.

Tête de Mule. Behind this name hides a beautiful wink of eye from the poitevine mule but also from the fact that it is a beer of character ! At present, the beer Tête de Mule exists only in lager. A light beer of 5° in the fruity aromas and with a (very) light bitterness at the end of mouth. With its slightly shady side and its a little orangy dress, it reminded me certain German special beers. Tested and approved !

For the end of year 2014, a second Tête de Mule will be available. It will be the amber beer that will make between 7° and 8° (style beer of Belgian abbey). Finally, a white beer is foreseen for spring, 2015. A beer bio and a beer without alcohol would also be in project. To follow…

The Tête de Mule is a craft beer which requires 5 weeks of manufacture, between the admixture, the fermentation, the nurse and the refermentation in bottle (some sugar is added in the beer before the packaging to boost a fermentation. This last one allows in particular to gasify the beer). It is a not filtered beer, what what allows it to have more bodies and of flaveurs. The deposit in the heart of the bottle is partially due to this not filtration.

The local field is not forgotten in the manufacture. Indeed, a partnership is being set up with a local farmer for the production of barley. The first sowing will be made at the end of October and will be available for the second half of the year 2015. The university of La Rochelle also participates by the putting at disposition of fresh yeasts, kept then multiplied in its laboratories (where it produces, for information, the beer Science Infuse). The university also accompanies 2 joint managers in the start of the brewery to validate receipts and assure the first manufactures. The arrival of the material (tubs, line of traffic jam) to Coulon is foreseen for the first quarter 2015.

By 2015, the shop of the brewery of the Marais poitevin is opened all the same to Coulon (2, rue du port de Brouillac). You can buy the Tête de Mule in bottle of 33 cl and (soon) 75 cl *. You will also find it in the shops of regional products, bars and restaurants of Coulon. The Tête de Mule is also present in Niort in delicatessens and shops P'tits Amoureux, Hédiard grocer's shop) by waiting for a wider distribution.

That did not give you thirst all this?

* Alcohol can damage your health and should be consumed in moderation.



i taste Tete de Mule Blond in in beer Bar in La Rochelle from the draft! and it really perfect taste for me.
Very good soft taste that differs from other biers, Well done!

beer lover Bob

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