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The Swamp people exhibit themselves at The Maison du Marais poitevin in Coulon

Family Benoît - Directeur de la MMP By Benoît - Directeur de la MMP, the 27 March 2015

The Maison du Marais poitevin opens with the arrival of the spring ! From March 28th, the museum situated in Coulon suggests you discovering all that there is to know about the Marais poitevin : gastronomy, lifestyle, biodiversity, landscapes… As every year, a new temporary exhibition takes place in the big room of the museum. Let us discover it together !

Swamp people… secret, discreet and underestimated

It is an obvious fact, the Marais poitevin consists of a mosaic of landscapes, patiently modelled over time.

Fitted out, fertile and cultivated, crossed or surrounded with leaks, these spaces are also places of life, sheltering a multitude of species, animal and vegetable.

Nevertheless, the visitors of the swamp observe only a tiny part of them, the most visible, the least wild, the most common, the least fragile.

Beyond the picturesque clichés, even the inhabitants of the swamp are little known. Called sometimes maraîchins, sometimes huttiers, here colliberts and there hut tenants, who are really these people who settled down here, in a hostile environment ?

The exhibition "Swamp people… secret, discreet and underestimated" invites you to dive in the heart of puddles, to move forward discreetly at night and to go back in time to meet the mysterious and underestimated peoples of the swamp.

The Tourist office welcomes you

The reopening of the Maison du Marais poitevin comes along with the reopening of the seasonal reception of the Tourist office Niort-Marais poitevin – Vallée de la Sèvre niortaise. Restaurants, accommodations, visits, hikes, activities, events… Stay advisers give you all the useful information to take advantage well of your passage in the Marais poitevin.

The Maison du Marais poitevin, the inescapable stopping-off place during your coming in the Marais poitevin !

Photos credits : Dari, Philippe Wall.


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