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The stroll 2.0: Tèrra-Aventura " The guards of the swamp "

Nature Angélina - conseillère en séjours By Angélina - conseillère en séjours, the 26 October 2018

Having loaded our smartphones and beforehand downloaded the Tèrra-Aventura application, here we are in the direction of Saint-Georges-de-Rex, in 20 minutes of Niort, to make the route of geocatching entitled " The guards of the Swamp ". For those who do not know the geocatching, the principle is simple: we use the technique of geography-positioning by satellite (GPS) to make a course and look for masks. In a few words, it is a treasure hunt, but version 2.0. Within the framework of Tèrra-Aventura, it is necessary to solve riddles throughout a route of 6,5 km to reach the hiding place compound of Poi' z, small badges to be collected. 

Provided with comfortable shoes and with a bottle of water, we indicate us a point of parking lot inside the village and the adventure can begin! I would not describe you all of the course, because it would be you "spoiler" the game, but do not hesitate to be allowed guide by the application in particular by Z' Green, as well as the other characters who will accompany you and will give you very instructive indications onto the elements which surround you. 

The riddles are not of the most complex. You will just have to be good observer and attentive. It is especially the place of the route that makes of this set a success! What could be more pleasant than the Swamp from Poitou for game board? The territory which we borrow is partially acquired by the Regional Academy of Natural Spaces of Poitou-Charentes. A multitude of species of insects and plants develops there. We thus understand why it is protected and why it is so peaceful to walk there. 

Besides the natural heritage and built, we cross maraichines cows in their meadows and donkeys of Poitou, because it is also a part of the route of the hike Donkey of the asinerie-soap factory of the Cock in the Donkey. You will believe in me if you want it, but we were even surprised seeing two coypus cutting in front of us before rushing into a ditch. 

In brief, I recommend this adventure to whoever like the nature, the peace and the serenity, whom you are between friends, in family and even only. 

Small advice: think of the good put on you and do not make as me, do not forget to load your smartphone before beginning, you would risk to be bothered well … 

Most: tables of mid-term picnic will allow you to have a small break. 

An idea of fast food: the bar-restaurant-épicerie " Once upon a time ".

And for a refreshing break: the asinerie-soap factory " Du Coq à l' Ane ".


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