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The Stable of the Swamp: the educational farm, it is playful and nice!

Nature Ludivine - stagiaire en communication By Ludivine - stagiaire en communication, the 11 May 2016

Today, I am exclusively going to present you a bucolic and pleasant place which I like quite particularly: the Stable of the Swamp and more exactly its farm educational. Just like me, come to inhale the country air the time of a day. It is in this green setting that donkeys of Poitou, ewe solognotes, goats inhabitants of Poitou, hens of Marans, rabbits-goats and gooses of Poitou evolve together and wait only for your caresses! Here, you are never bored. It is an experience unique to discover in family.

Small and big can discover the life to the farm thanks to Mauve Menard which will be pleased to guide you as she made him for me, through all the activities which it is possible to make within the farm. So diversified and funny the some as the others, they will appeal to all your senses. If like you animals, take advantage of it to take a walk or baptism with back of donkey of Poitou or horse, you will see it is very considerable and in more it allows you to discover all the secret places of Green Venice! Participate in the workshop discovery of the small animals, we shall show you all the small insects which hide outside.

In your stoves! And yes, if you are curious and if you like the kitchen, you are at the right place. Indeed, the Stable of the Swamp also proposes workshops picking and wild kitchen to know more about the plants which surround us, their uses, how to cook them and even learn to make herb teas! An excellent moment of culinary discovery in not be lacking not especially!

If your children are a nature lovers, make their try the workshop garden or the workshop discovery of the wild nature, a good way of learning while amusing.

They will become of real pro of the farm with the workshop of the small farmer, where we make you known the various local races, their food. We give to them to eat, it is the ideal activity when we want to create affectionate links with animals.

The bit extra, it is because by means of a small part, we are guided during our visit in the farm. So, we learn while having fun and it is valid also for the parents!

As you see it, educational, sensory and creative activities to help the children to assimilate and to become aware of local races, of the world which surrounds us and to observe our so beautiful natural heritage.

Do not leave without passing by the compartment "shop", where you will find all the farm produce (herb teas, terrines of lambs, soap in the ass's milk …) to leave with an attractive memory of this day!

Do not forget that the Stable of the Swamp, it is also a place of accommodation where we can stay. He has caravans, guest houses remove your are, of a campsite and a swimming pool, all the necessity to have a pleasant stay.


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