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The St Valentine's Day, it is tomorrow!

Curiosity Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 13 February 2019

I agree on it, it is not always easy to find the present especially if we if set at the last minute! I have just made a tour to the small shop of the Lovers in full city center of Niort. The archetypal shop for similar day!

A stamped present the Small Lovers is imperative for a successful St Valentine's Day.

First discovery near drinks: the "love potion". Does this mean that it would be enough to drink this drink so that both mutually become loving without there is remedy? I let you judge and test.

If this first choice leaves you sceptical, a greedy present will always make of the effect all the more if it is presented in an attractive box in the shape of heart. Beautiful and good!

And in the hypothesis where your lover agrees to receive in light recording your present, the " letter to be crunched " is a beautiful idea! You will just have to send it accompanied with an attractive declaration. Having said that, nothing also prevents you from planning a dinner to the restaurant or from choosing the take-out meal; several people restoring thought of it!

I do not have more than to wish to you a beautiful greedy St Valentine's Day!



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