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The pads of Yohann’s Halle

Experience Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 10 October 2016

Rencontre in this Monday morning with Yohann to evoke together this work which means a lot to him. This pad is already available since the summer. Return on the genesis of this history … Yohann is a man in the street, sensitive to all these small details which escape us, us who live in 100 at the hour. For this Niortais of origin, which has “baroudé” worldwide, only, with its backpack, Halle, this lung of the city, that speaks to him. He wants of to know more about it and to share him. Thus he documents, measures the paths of the regional media library, learns on the history of this building, observes … He begins to illustrate some boards. Yohann, him, the drawing it is also a mode of communication. Pads, he has already made for it some for him, for his son … Thus he shows his first boards to the persons in charge of Halle. His idea: show the entrails of Halle such as he sees them. For that purpose, he will not hesitate to live at the time of Halle. He goes from potron kitten there, meets the producers, the retailers, the representatives … ; All these people who make live Halle from day to day. Their location is not necessarily familiar to us … All this and many other things still, Yohann is going us to explain them …

His idea packs the storekeepers. Four working months will be necessary for this attractive realization that you can get yourselves to the shop of the Tourist office for 10 € only. A good memory for you tourists of passage or niortais attached to the market.

Yohann will come to dedicate his pads in our premises, on Saturday, October 15th, on the way of the market …



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