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The novelties 2016 of the ornithological Park " The Birds of the Swamp from Poitou "

Nature Eva - Webmaster By Eva - Webmaster, the 07 April 2016

You don't know what to do to cross good Easter holidays? We are going to light you! This year, we put in the honor through various bills of blog, the partner wildlife parks of the Tourist office. Let us begin with the first one:

The novelties 2016 of the ornithological Park " The Birds of the Swamp from Poitou "

You remember my first article speaking about the opening of the young restologique of the ornithological Park? It was in September. Thus now 7 months ago, and in 7 months, many things passed!

· The young restologique of David

Since his opening, David did not stop thinking and rethinking his small dishes simmered with fruits and vegetables of his garden. Things added to his card as some wine of Vix ( 85 ), " organic and excellent “according to his statements; some coffee from Peru (it also allows to run the fair trade); good organic eggs of his friend Maxime Filloneau (Opus Helix) and traditional white beans of the AIPEMP* will also be in your plates this year. David is anxious to specify that he has no forcing a very big card. He prefers to excel on the quality and the freshness of products rather than to buy a freezer! " The diversity, you will find it in your plate! " He tells me. You can see also soon on the tables of the restaurant, place mats representing the locality of the partner producers.

" Never you told yourselves the restaurant that you should have taken the plate of your neighbor? And well I, it is what I try to avoid with my dishes: not make you regret your choice! ".

In his garden, several new varieties settled down: zucchinis of all the forms and all the colors, the amaranths, the loves in cage … He wishes that in time, his plates are established as much as possible with products of his garden! You will find so soon good fruits in your plates. Plum trees, apple trees, pear trees (and more) were crashed in the Park. Who will eat good tarts in the plums of the garden in autumn? It is you!

David also spoke to me about stuffed from Poitou sound. Know that when we live in the Swamp, every person holds ITS secret recipe of stuffed inhabitant of Poitou. But, he is anxious to specify that stuffed sound is not any. His is made with one of the most beautiful rooms of its inheritance: the sorrel of his great-grandmother, "grandma Laloie". Imagine all love which there is inside!

Still full of ideas bloom in David's head for years to come, in particular that to show its garden. Yet, today, to set up this idea, he asks only to be requested! " I try to set up 1 hour of guided tour of my field by approaching the themes of birds and plants, the symbiosis between birds and vegetables, the negative and positive effects which birds can have in agriculture, the interest of a healthy agriculture to protect the biodiversity ". The visits will be made towards 16-17h after the shot of the service passed and after it exchanges its clogs of cook against his boots of truck farmer!

· The new inhabitants of the Park Ornitho '

Having tasted a small dish in the restologique, walk in the park to digest well, but open, please, eyes! The family of the black swans got bigger this year with the birth of two small black swans. You will find them on a nest raised by their parents to stay in the dry during the wintry floods.

In this period, you can also observe the white storks which hatch. They are wild storks which are overlaid well in the swamp. They are regular customers of places!

A new sort also made its entrance: the white spatulas (not those whom David uses in cooking of course!). It is a sort of bird long-billed wading bird in the shape of spoonbill which allows her of move the mud and to swallow some plankton.

· The projects
The Park is never short of ideas to improve places. By a few weeks, educational panels will be installed around the garden and around the landing stage with multiple explanations on the culture of fruits and David's vegetables.

Unusual novelty which is set up little by little, it is the arrival of exotic species. The purpose being to make an enclosure for every continent. Do not expect either to see cockatoo or species living at the other end of the world, in hot countries. It will be birds which can adapt themselves in the middle of the Swamp from Poitou.

Then, that you do wait? Arm yourselves with your camera and it left for the visit of the Park Ornitho '!

*AIPAM: THE AIPEMP is a construction site of insertion in environmental vocation which joins in the approach of the Structures of Insertion by the Economic activity ( SIAE). Its objective is to accompany the people in trouble with social and professional integration. (Source: http: //


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