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The Marais poitevin in hot-air balloon

Experience Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 30 April 2015

Stands, by bicycle, in canoe, here is how I visit the Marais poitevin. Never, I would have imagined that one day, a hot-air balloon would allow me to see it differently.

The meeting is fixed at 6:30 pm to Le Mazeau in Vendée. Damien and Thomas, of Montgolfière du Bocage wait for us. They take care of us and take us instead of the take-off, to Aziré in the middle of a field.

The preparations begin. The nacelle came down from the trailer and the balloon swells in a vertiginous speed. Cows remain quiet just like we there who admire this balloon swell and to position upright. We seem very small in front of it majestic giant of the airs.

Some practical advice is given to us to climb on the nacelle and know how to position for the landing. The instructions are simple and accessible. The last apprehensions are annihilated by the kindness and the peace of mind of our pilots.

A first step and we embark. The rise is smoothly made, without sensations of dizziness. The sweetness of the temperature corresponds to the sweetness of this moment.

The landscape is attractive. Colors are brilliant (a panel of greens offers itself to us, colzas are in bloom).

So surprising, the grid of leaks, the alignment almost completed by poplars. I did not imagine the swamp so Cartesian.

Between the pilot and his 5 passengers, the friendly atmosphere allows the sharing and the exchange on the flora and fauna (a héronnière with its nests and its eggs, far off, we guess l’Aiguillon, the port of La Pallice of La Rochelle).

But the weather report maintains control over our trip. The sea breeze prevents us from going to Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud, our return begins.

The landing. Is it some fears which make us burst out laughing ? Brilliant ! Bravo pilot, we are on the ground and unhurt.

On returning to Le Mazeau, we share the glass of friendship, still under the spell of this moment and proud to have in our hands our diploma.

Thank you pilot for this unforgettable moment !


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