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The "Maison du Marais Poitevin + guided boat trip" package: You are just one click away from taking a journey through the countryside!

Family Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC By Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC, the 27 August 2021

The "Maison du Marais Poitevin + guided boat trip" package is THE essential discovery for understanding and appreciating the Green Venice of the Deux-Sévres. For €25, two inseparable and complementary ways are offered to you to understand this vast territory shaped by the hand of man since the Middle Ages, today stamped Grand Site de France and Regional Natural Park.

First of all, embark for an hour and a half with an erudite boatman's guide from the village-street of La Garette where Henri III of Navarre in person, the future Henri IV, while staying in Mursay (Echiré), set foot in 1576. Moreover, in a letter written in Marans in 1586 to his mistress "la Belle Corisande", the "Vert Galant" depicts a rural and enchanting Marais: "It is an island enclosed by bocageous marshes, where from one hundred paces to the next there are canals for fetching wood by boat; the water is clear, not very running, and the canals are of all widths. Among these deserts, a thousand gardens where one goes only by boat. (...) Few houses that do not enter from their door in their little boat. (...) infinite mills and insulted farms, so many kinds of birds that sing of all kinds; of those of the sea, I send you feathers. Of fishes, it is a monstrosity that the quantity, the size and the price. (...) ".

Continue your immersion by visiting the Maison du Marais Poitevin. The wet marsh is not just a landscape. This sector of the Marais Poitevin, which is often called the Green Venice, is revealed in a different way, thanks to a visit to this eco-museum. You will understand the evolution of the territory and the attachment of the market gardeners to their marsh. In just over an hour, you can discover the local traditions through a pleasant and accessible museography.
Located on the banks of the Sèvre, in the heart of the village of Coulon, it is housed in a historic place: the Maison de la Coutume. The custom was a tax paid by boatmen who travelled with goods on the river. It was used to maintain the locks and the waterway.
On site, there are themed rooms to discover. The interior of a market garden house from the end of the 19th century has been reconstructed. It will reveal the ingenuity of the market gardeners in adapting to a sometimes hostile environment. The eel room is an entire room devoted to the emblematic fish of the marsh and its threatened fry: the elver. Its migration and the different fishing techniques used in the marsh will no longer hold any secrets for you. The boat room evokes the batais, the market garden boats, which were the traditional means of transport for men and animals in the labyrinth of marshland ditches and channels. It recreates the atmosphere of a carpenter's workshop and the construction of flat-bottomed boats. You will discover the importance of the batai through its many uses.
The Maraiscope is a highlight of the visit. Let yourself be told the history of the Marais Poitevin in front of a 15 m2 model. Everything is brought together to make the discovery lively and educational: video projection, lighting effects, dialogues, sound effects... In 20 minutes, the main stages in the creation of the Marais Poitevin are retraced. This vast territory was first an inland sea before being caught between two waters: those of the rivers of the catchment area on one side and those of the ocean on the other. The history of this landscape is twofold. It is both the story of a natural phenomenon and the story of man's work. This work, undertaken ten centuries ago, has made it possible to accentuate the retreat of the ocean and to soften the rivers. The waterlogged land has become a vast, nourishing garden.

Are you convinced? You're just one click away from taking a journey through the landscape and it's here!


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