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The journeys in the plate

Experience Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 05 September 2014

September has just begun. For the most part of us, that means the end of holidays, return in the work and the morale in socks. Then to try to extend these moments of rest, we look at photos and at movies of holidays. We try to escape through these images which trot us in the head. But I, I have another solution to proposed to you to continue to travel. And for cheap ! Did you know that in Niort, you could leave in every corner of the world including Japan, Ireland or Italy ? No I am not delirious, the recent return of the sun did not bang me the head ! I suggest you travelling worldwide thanks to niortais restaurants. Follow the guide !

The Asian cooking is not lacking in Niort. Japanese with Toyo, Chinese with Shangaï, Indian, Pakistani or Sri Lankan with Taj Mahal… You will find specialities of every country as sushis, nems or birianis. Eat in or takeaway. But if you really want to disorient, eat on the spot, the interior design is typical of every country.

Let us leave now to our Italian neighbors. When we think in Italy, we think of pizzas, in pastas, in risotto, in tiramisu… Dolce Vita, Del Arte, La Trattoria del Viale, Le Villagio : only names already transport us on the other side of the Alps. Penetrate inside one of these restaurants and you will have the impression to be there. Benvenuto in Italia !

Let us go back little to the North direction Ireland. The brasserie-type bar B Pub, it is a mixture between the Irish pub and the establishment typical from us. The decoration is resolutely inspired by the country in the clover. Concerning cooking, burgers, pizzas, welshes… we find everything there. A real brasserie all in all !

Abstrakto will not be of use to you one but several destinations. Leave for a world tour of the flavors to Portugal, in Spain, to Chile or in Thailand.

Spain with L’Auberge Espagnole, Morocco with La Table du Maroc, the United States with the Oklahoma Kaffe, Italy (again) with Ci gusta and D’ici et d’ailleurs can complete your hunger of journeys !

Let us return now in France. Direction the east and Alsace with Les Relais d’Alsace Taverne Karlsbrau. Here, you can appreciate a flammekueche either a good sauerkraut.
Let us look now on the West. Brittany tightens us arms to be of use to us pancakes and other sweet crepes. For the addresses, it is necessary to look near Breizh'nad, near the Crêperie du Port to Arçais either La Récré to Damvix.
To finish, let us escape in the South with L’Esterel and its Provençal cooking : fish soup, small squids in the Provençal, the cod brandade… We would stand out from it almost the accent of the region !

Ready for a culinary escapade ?


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