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The Hameau of Sainte-Mégrine, the environmental refuge LPO

Nature Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 07 May 2015

The Hameau of Sainte-Mégrine, holiday cottages and guest houses to Coulon, at the heart of the Marais poitevin, became a Refuge LPO in 2015. A Refuge LPO is a public ground (green space) or deprived (garden, courtyard, terrace, balcony) on which the owner makes morally a commitment to protect or to restore the closeness biodiversity. Sophie and Ronan Saint-Jalmes, the owners, explain us here what motivated them to become a Refuge LPO and deliver us some useful information.

An environmental approach

The Hameau of Sainte-Mégrine possesses the environmental label “The Green Key” for its ecological actions (organized by water savers, salvage dealers of water for plants and the kitchen garden, the selective sorting of waste, manual and thermal weeding…). Ronan teaches to us that to Sainte-Mégrine, "there is no pollution and no nuisances. It is a biodiversity on 5 hectares without any treatment, kitchen garden bio, meadow, puddle in frogs, fallows, old stones… for the happiness of the wildlife and our hosts !"

To become Refuge LPO thus appeared as an obvious fact in the eyes of Ronan and Sophie. And it for 2 reasons. The first one is "to know better the natural environment which surrounds us and share it with our hosts" tells us Sophie. The second is to communicate with the LPO "our annual count of nesting birds or passing on our property" pursues Ronan.

During their registration with the LPO (20 € a year for a private individual), the Saint-Jalmes received a breeding ground as well as playful notebooks on the recognition of birds, the laying out of a healthy garden… "How recognize birds ? To what is of use such or such insect ? These notebooks are going to serve us as medium to explain how to observe and to recognize who lives to Sainte-Mégrine" explain Sophie. The breeding ground as for him is going to make youngs ! Ronan plans to install it several others, as well as hotels with insects, in every garden of holiday cottages and rooms : "it will be a manufacturing house and participative with our hosts if they wish".

To be Refuge LPO thus allows to get a clientele follower of the green tourism ! "The people who know the LPO have the assurance to stay in a quiet and environment-friendly place. It is one more for human relationships. We make discover the local flora and fauna, we exchange tricks… For those who do not know, our educational side intervenes to make discover to those who wish it the nature which surrounds us and its inhabitants" resumes Sophie. And everybody gets hooked. Children and adults enjoy locating birds and informing the owners of their finds.

Finally, let us leave the last word with Ronan to stop convincing you. "There are no mosquitoes to Sainte-Mégrine. No more than somewhere else in any case. Frogs and dragonflies eat larvas laid on the puddle, swallows and bats (among others) take care besides. Where from the necessity of keeping an ecosystem so that everybody finds some benefit there. No bite for our hosts, but beautiful souvenir photos" !

Refuge LPO, which will be the next one ?

Photo credits : Le Hameau de Sainte-Mégrine.


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