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The geocaching, what is it?

Nature Louise - conseillère en séjours By Louise - conseillère en séjours, the 15 February 2016

A picnic in height-air with his family, his friend and even his working colleagues! 
A treasure hunt, in the discovery of our villages, their secrets and their small places of paradise. Myself, inveterate Niortaise, was surprised by these places which were unknown me until their discoveries, thanks to the riddles and the riddles of the geocaching. 
Am I going to tempt you?
Of course yes!
On a Friday morning, accompanied with my two colleagues, Emilie and Magalie, we left discovering Niort, by means of our pad of discovery " Niort, côté Sèvre ". 
Before anything else, a small meal was not of refusal: a croissant, a coffee on a terrace. A beautiful sun and the fresh air of the autumn, that to ask furthermore.
Hup, we left … Us, we took the traditional way of the géocaching. To be located, a plan is supplied in the pad discovery. We can use just as much the smartphone and activate the GPS, that works very well.
We get off to a flying start, we move forward, we laugh, we answer the riddles enthusiastically. We are even rather proud when we find the answer before the others. We arrest the edge of Sèvre, in any other way. Details which seemed to us harmless become surprising and surprising curiosities. 
We come even there to tell our memories. I see again myself younger with my friends to run on the edges of Sèvre, to picnic at the water's edge and to go fishing with my uncle just next to the small lock. That becomes a friendly and playful stroll.
Moreover, it is necessary to speak about it about this lock, the lock of Contained more exactly. This one opens us the doors on a divine place. The city gives way to bamboo, to flowers, to trees. The landscape is transformed, we are guided by the small path and especially, thanks to our plan, we learn it on events which took place here and there. 
Here we are arrived at the term of our stroll: more than a riddle and soon the reward! I am convinced, it is certain, the next one it is " Coulon et les bords de Sèvre ".
I would so much like to tell you on what I was able to see, to learn, and to feel … But, the invitation to let you guide by your own pad is more attractive.
Niort, Magné, Coulon, La Garette, Echiré you do not have more than to choose!


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