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The founding history of the tourism maraîchin

Curiosité Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC By Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC, the 03 May 2019

The founding history of the tourism maraîchin begins to spell at the beginning of the last century.
Indeed, in 1907, is based in Niort the Poitou-Saintonge-Aunis-Vendée tourist information office " to favor the excursions in the swamp " the first one of which takes place on August 15th of Garette until Arçais.

In 1913, in view of the difficulty organizing releases from Niort, an on-the-spot collaborator is looked for. The choice concerns to Alphonse Clochard de Coulon, nicknamed " the admiral of fresh water " by former Minister for Agriculture Viger. It becomes so until 1940 the first big name of the maraîchine canal transport. This former valet farmer will manage boatmen's flotilla during congress in Niort or during banquets to Coulon.

In 1914, in the supplement of the newspaper "Le Matin", the writer writes: " the Swamp from Poitou, the unknown marvel ". A few years later, with his colleague living in Coulon, he contributes to make it known, as well as articles of the scholar niortais Henri Clouzot in " Sport and Tourism "and" The modern tourism ". On April 4th, 1921, Coulon is proud of the coming of Minister for Agriculture and of the president of the Chamber of deputies who lunch to the café-restaurant of the widow Souchet, famous located table kicks of the Church, under the name of " French Coffee".

In 1928, to satisfy an easy clientele - politicians and artistic personalities in head - walks in boat in Garette and in Coulon are created by said Célestin Cardinaud " the Admiral ". Born in Garette, mutilated and awarded a medal the Great War, the fishmonger, this occasional boatman possesses two boats in his early stages. Later, he bases The first “ maraîchin “ landing stage" The Flowery Landing stage " - " Ash trees " today - associated with an inn in 1938. For the anecdote, he got used to blowing in his foghorn to gather the travelers before the imminent departure.

In 1929, the Tourist information office uses the Company of the radio hearings of the Eiffel Tower to spread every Saturday, at 9 pm, in June and in July, advertisement in the entitled emission "Tour Eiffel-Swamp from Poitou".

In the 1950s, the tourist canal transport takes its development … This adventure continues in the diverse landing stages of the wet swamp today! And if your steps lead you in village-street of Garette, come to greet the memory of " the Admiral " Cardinaud by returning you to the landing stage " Leisure activities of the Swamp " either in that of " Green Venice Escape ".

Photo credits: former Postcard " The Decorated with flowers Landing stage ", the professional photographers Daniel Mar and Darri


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