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The Fête de la musique with the group niortais Lakaz

Experience Julien - Animateur web By Julien - Animateur web, the 18 June 2014

The "Fête de la musique", it is for this weekend, June 21st exactly. A good opportunity to go out and take advantage of numerous free concerts organized almost everywhere. For me the “Fête de la musique”, it is the opportunity to discover new groups. Groups that I would not necessarily have visited at the concert hall. I discover for example the rock electro group niortais "I'm not even a DJ" last year. I recommend it to you !

This year, the niortaise programming is again very varied, there will be for all the tastes. Among this programming, the group LAKAZ. It is not the first time I see this name and I wanted to know more about this group. After some viewings of videos on YouTube and a sound which pleased me well, I get in touch with the group. We make an appointment one noon in the terrace of a café. Let us begin with the introductions !

The group consists of 4 members. There is Jean-Christophe (singing, rhythmic guitar and writing), Matthieu (bass), David (drums) and Pierre (acoustic guitar, ukulele and choirs) which cannot join us for the interview.

1 - How did you create the group ?

Matthieu : Lakaz, it is at first colleagues' story. 2 or 3 years ago, we made a concert in the professional framework. That tempted us to group us to make some music, to compose too. We do not make covers. We missed a drummer, we fetched David to complete the group. We are a group of buddies who wanted to make some music.

2 - What are your influences ?

Jean-Christophe : Our music distances itself from others because it mixes several styles. We are not influenced by such or such group. Rather than to lock itself into a single style, we wanted to vary according to our tastes. We propose a subtle mixture of rhythms which cheer up, onto airs of jazz gipsy tinged with sounds reggae, with texts in French which invite to travel and transmit feelings.

3 - And the name LAKAZ, what does that mean ?

David : in fact that has no particular meaning. The name went out like that during a discussion around a glass. We found that that rang well. That reminds us the journey.

4 - You are an amateur group, how do you get organized to repeat, find concert dates ?

David : The group is member of the association "Accès Rock", which includes around thirty groups deux-sévriens. To be a member of the association allows us to reach the studio of the CAMJI in the district St Florent to repeat, but also to have concert dates. Our first concert was moreover made in the CAMJI within the framework of the festival "Excess of Rock". We also find dates by word of mouth, people who saw us in concert and who contact us later.

5 - How do we decide to take the plunge to play on stage ?

Jean-Christophe : From the moment we decided to compose, it was to go on stage to share our compositions. We put approximately one year before go on stage for the first time.

6 - You will be exactly on stage June 20th to Mauzé-sur-le-Mignon for the “Fête de la musique”. What this party represents for you ?

David : The “Fête de la musique”, it is the opportunity to be known, to test our compositions. It is also the opportunity to affect a new public, who does not go necessarily to concert halls. The fact that it is free brings a good many of families, that diversifies our public.

7 - And you will also play on June 21st in Niort, always for the ”Fête de la musique” but also for the 2014 edition of "Terres d’artistes". Can you explain us the concept ?

Matthieu : The "Terres d’artistes" project, it is the creation of a CD, a compilation resuming titles given free of charge by groups of the Poitou-Charentes. The profits of the sale of this CD are put back to the committee 79 of the League against the cancer. We do not appear on the compilation, but the committee invited us to open the stage for the “Fête de la musique”, what we accepted with pleasure.

8 - What are your projects for the future ?

Jean-Christophe : The recording of a title for the compilation of the association "Accès Rock". And then we also have some dates soon. Best is to follow us on our Facebook page to miss nothing our current event.


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