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"The favorite Village of the French", secrets of shooting to Arçais

Curiosity Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 22 April 2014

Privileged moments which I want to share with you : 1 and a half day of shooting for the preparation of the TV programme "The favorite village of the French" presented by Stéphane Bern whose date of broadcasting is planned in June on France 2.

Place of shooting : the village of Arçais, certified “petite cite de caractère” since January. Arçais will be in competition with 22 other villages... Obviously the part is not won, then it is necessary to vote ! But all the charms of this attractive “maraîchin” village will be revealed.

It is Jean Leyssenne, former mayor who will be the guide and will meet René Mathé, young retirered architect, on the towpath. A discussion begins on the “maraîchin” traditional housing environment, at first side reach (leak between two dams inside which the water level is appreciably constant). We understand the essential role of the river « Sèvre ».

We see a succession of volumes there, the hayloft (place where we stored the hay). We imagine all the activities of the farm. Close by, the alley, the width of which was calculated to allow to pass a wheelbarrow... In this district of “La Garenne” the life was rustic... Jean remembers himself of the arrival of the first water sources in 1958...

Change of scene on the road side. Traditional facade, a house opened on the street where lived often 3 generations... We have difficulty in imagining that we are right in the heart of the “Marais poitevin”, a landscape shaped by the hands of the man... René likes saying that « maraîchins » also have their "pyramids"...

The second day, the continuation of the shooting. A new team arrives. They are the pilots of drones. I’m impatient to see the shots of these funny machines !

Jean pursues his stroll and visits Nadia who lives in the beautiful house in the green shutters in front of port, accessible only in boat. For the lunch, it will be a fricassee of eels fished that very morning by a “maraîchin”.

Last plan before removing me... The swamp of former days with women in traditional costume on the port, Jean-Philippe and his horse on the boat.

One “thank you” to all the team, the people requested for their availability, the curious come in large numbers, for these shared moments.

We shall not miss to hold you informed about the date of broadcasting and make so that Arçais is elected "The favorite village of the French"... We count on you !


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