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The European Night of museums

Family Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC By Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC, the 17 May 2018

For this 14th edition, the museums Bernard d'Agesci and of the Donjon welcome you on Saturday, May 19th, from 7 pm to midnight. The opportunity of to discover these places in a quite particular atmosphere!
Before inviting you to measure at night the maze of their diverse rooms and just to increase your desire to learn, let us hand over to Laurence Lamy, director of the service Museums, so that she reveals you a little more.

Laurence, can you, in a few words, present us the concept of the " European Night of museums "?
European Night of museums was created in 2005 by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. It gathers more than 2 million visitors every year. During the event, all the demonstrations proposed by the participating museums are free all night long. An opportunity of credit note another approach of the heritage and the monuments of his city in night, more playful. 

What is the main objective?
A wide range of museums, situated in every corner of France, will open their doors free of charge for visits of their exhibitions and collections. On this occasion, original animations such as illuminations, concerts, workshops, conferences, shows, guided tours, games will be proposed. This 14th edition of the European Night of museums joins in the programming of the European Year of the cultural heritage and so has for objective to reveal the European dimension of the art history and the collections of museums. Among thousands of events proposed on Saturday, May 19th in the evening up to the nightfall, the museums Bernard d' Agesci and of the Donjon of the Conurbation of Niortais are actors.

Your program is dense and varied. What are highlights to the museum Bernard d'Agesci?
Our two community museums will be opened free of charge from 7 pm to midnight. Highlights will be many. We give a particular interest on this evening to restorations of realized works:
- By pupils of the high school of Green Venice who wanted to know more about it on the origins of the club of soccer " Chamoises Niortais ". They led the investigation and realized a webdocumentaire for an interactive discovery of the site Boinot, the fallow land with patrimonial value and laboratory of a long-lasting urban development.
- By pupils of the high school Jean Macé who followed the various stages of restoration of the portrait of Eléonore Desmier d' Olbreuse.

Within the framework of the exhibition " Art to make, make some Art ", which shows the excellence of the know-how, we note Joël Laplane's presence, stringed-instrument maker and master of art, for a concert of guitar and a meeting around its instruments, guided tours of the restoration workshop of paints and graphic arts, a hanging around boards of BD on the theme " Citizenship and handicap ".

Throughout the evening, our mediators will surprise you at random with a shop showcase, in the bend of a sculpture, a picture for a wink of eye, " winks of arts ".

To incite the desire, you can summarize the presentation of the portrait of Eléonore Desmier d' Olbreuse, baptized " the grandmother of Europe ", a work was restored by your workshop?
Eléonore Desmier d' Olbreuse, been born in 1639 in the castle of Olbreuse (municipality of Usseau) and wife of the duke of Brunswick-Lunebourg-Zell, voter of Hanover, welcomes, in 1685, in her duchy, all the worried Protestant nobility from Poitou. By the game of the marriages, her descent is present in seventeen European dynasties, where from her nickname of " grandmother of Europe ".
An original portrait is preserved on this day in the castle-museum in Celle (Germany). The museum Bernard d'Agesci possesses a copy realized by Louis Toutant in 1910.
We have just realized the restoration of this copy.
The project grows rich of an educational dimension, because the museum suggested to the pupils of a class of the high school Jean Macé in Niort following the restoration of the work what allows them not only to understand a work (its origin, its subject, its composition, its iconography, its preservation), to discover restaurant owner's job(restaurant owner's business,restorer's job,restorer's business) and to get acquainted with the world of museums.

Friends visitors, also note in your schedule the active participation in this big meeting:
- Of the museum of the Tumulus of Bougon
- Of the museum of Rauranum to Rom.

See you Saturday!


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