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The Enchanted Path, the first part

Family Eva - Webmaster By Eva - Webmaster, the 19 November 2015

The events committee of Sansais-La Garette organizes within the framework of its exhibition " The Enchanted Path " a competition of decoration of 40 ash trees-tadpoles. The purpose being to liven up every tree with decorations magic as: a miniature world enchanted with fairies, small sprites, huts either mushrooms. Give life to branches, twigs, wood, acorns, walnuts … Give free rein to your imagination to make sparkle and bring a wintry and outstanding magic to this beautiful place!

How to choose his/her tree?
On-the-spot meeting, in Garette. Once over there, you can notice that trees are numbered. The purple ribbons around them mean that they are still available to be decorated. If you wish to reserve a tree, remove the ribbon of the ash tree (keep it affectedly), then confirm for the moment your choice by SMS, e-mail or téléphone*. After the validation of your tree by the events committee, you can go to your ash tree every time the desire tells it to you!

The decorations
To create the decoration of your new friend, it is possible to be alone, but also in a group (family, association, school). Every participant or group of participants cannot enchant that a single tree. To create the decorations of your ash tree, you have several possibilities, that is to build them at your home and/or then to participate in the activity planned in this effect, in the next date:

· on Saturday, December 12th, from 2:30 pm till 5 pm

The registration form is downloadable by clicking here.
The Enchanted(Delighted) Path - registration form

The registration form is downloadable by clicking here.

Objects and materials which you will use will have to be resistant in the bad weather (rain, wind). Then, avoid the paper, the cardboard, the watercolor to escape the disaster! 
The objects which you go to create must be built with salvaged materials, but on no account your ash tree has to undergo any damages. 
You will have to cut no branches, or tear away from the foam or cut the ivy. Your creations must be hung on by a system of tie or exceptionally by a screw or a headland (the only one by fixed object). 
(Thank you for following this instruction, otherwise it is not the Santa Claus who is going to come down, but the Bogeyman!)

The competition
The jury of the events committee is going to judge the imagination, the ingenuity, the creativity, as well as the respect for the theme and for the nature. The more you will have used of natural materials, worth knowing any sorts of vegetables, foliages, foam, some fabric, the more you will be favored. The fabrication of its ash tree will be also important, by using its hollows, its roots, its branches … Other criterion which counts, it is the development of your tree, a night! Then, do not hesitate to return your solar lightings and/or to piles (led), because no electric connection will be supplied to light trees. To close this event, the various prices will be awarded: the price of the jury of the events committee, the price of the public and the price of the children.

The deadline of inscription is December 6th, then do not delay joining, 22 trees being already are reserved!


For more of renseignements*:
☎ 06 43 49 52 62


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