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The digital strolls to be made in family!

Family Arthur - webmaster By Arthur - webmaster, the 02 March 2018

After a week of cold and snow, the weather report, at the moment more clement, authorizes us to put back the nose outside. For some, it is still the holidays and thus the opportunity of a stroll in family!
Today, I present you three original routes to discover or rediscover our destination.

To Coulon with Baludik
Coulon, capital of the Venice Green and certified Small City of Character is an inescapable stage of the destination.
By means of the free application Baludik, choose between two routes, on foot or by bicycle!
- A walk through Coulon in six stages to know the history of this village through Sèvre Niortaise.
- By bicycle, you will be guided by the maraîchin Alphonse on a route of 11 km. In some knocks of pedals, here you are between Coulon and Garette.
To return these more playful visits, in every stage, free an indication and solve a riddle.

To Saint-Georges-de-Rex with Terrà Aventura
Terrà Aventura is an application of geocaching with routes through all the region piece of Nouvelle-Aquitaine! To Saint-Georges-de-Rex, come to discover the stroll " The Guards of the Swamp " and raise an indication in every stage. At the end, discover the hiding place to collect Poï' z Zécolo and complete your collection!
The route can be made on foot or by bicycle; it is even feasible with a stroller.

In Niort with hike-game
From the Tourist office, help Lola to find his money-bag!
Lola participates in the festival Takavoir and has just lost his money-bag with all the made work. Through several stages at the heart of Niort, collect the indications which will lead you to find the lost money-bag.
You will need on average two hours to end your collection and learn through some famous characters a piece of the history of Niort. 
The smartphone is not compulsory for this game, but will allow you to reach five additional indications.
Hike-game is for sale in 5 € in the Tourist Office.


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