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The coulonnais Louis Perceau (1883, Coulon-1942, Paris), author of the " Tales of Pigouille "

Curiosity Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC By Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC, the 25 November 2016

This week, the Tourist office delivers you the second article of its series of personalities' portraits having marked with their imprint the local history of our territory.
The character, whom we crunch today, is called Louis Perceau, the author of the " Tales of Pigouille ".

One thing leading to another

Louis was born in 1883, to Coulon, to 4 kick of the Oven, to the Clara Perceau's born grocer's shop-fabrics Rode. Son of a tailor and a needlewoman, he is first of all an apprentice tailor, then horsemanship in Paris from 1901, becomes a journalist and a bibliographer (*) of erotic literature and satiric poetry; amateur of spoonerism (**) and author of the " Tales of Pigouille ", a collection in which he makes relive 20 popular narratives stemming from oral traditions of the Swamp from Poitou, in the fault of the clog maker Jean-de-Dieu Bouteau, the poacher and the drunkard, nicknamed "La Pigouille" (***). Done since 1906 by the police, he uses facetious pen names to cover his loose publications.
Defender of the secularism, the libertarian and the socialist activist, he makes friends with Jean Jaurès. Entered resistance in 1942, he dashes into a trial against the anti-semitic magazine " I am everywhere ", but die shortly after. His ashes rest in the columbarium of Father Lachaise.

(*) the library of Coulon bears its name in its honor.
(**) More than 850 sentences with a double meaning in " La Redoute of the spoonerism ".
(***) The "pigouille": perch in alder from 4 to 7 m. of length ended with a small fork in two fangs named "fingers" and handled by the "pigouilleur" to make slide sound "put on the pack saddle", flat-bottomed boat, on the leaks of the wet swamp.

The red Arm, a tale in the preventive virtues!

Pulled " Tales of Pigouille ", the legend of the red Arm, the maritime monster, was formerly told by the mothers to frighten the unruly kids who dealt with the edge of the well or over the conche papered with green lentils becoming confused with the bank. Believing to understand a complaint, the foolhardy person was entailed for ever by hair at the bottom of black waters of the river by the stained with blood hand. The bogeyman surrounded with water plants his prey which resisted and blurred the water with the mud to make lose marks.

The brûlinois Baptiste-Paul Grimaud,
the modernizer of the card game in our next number!

Photo credits: " Louis Perceau's passport photo by 1906 " (unknown author), " Accommodate n°976 in the columbarium of Father Lachaise " (Pierre-Yves Beaudouin, on 2015) and " Tales of Pigouille " (Geste editions).


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