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The Coulée Verte, we run there

Nature Eva - Webmaster By Eva - Webmaster, the 07 October 2015

First of all, let us call back what is The Coulée Verte. This running was created in 1990 by the association " Courir en Deux-Sèvres " and the stadium Niortais Athlétisme. The Coulée Verte contains a half marathon, a popular running of 8 km, a disabled running on 8 km and sports activities for the school. Every year, it groups 5 500 runners that they are amateur or confirmed. This year, for the 26th edition, the running will take place on Sunday, October 18th!

How get ready to run?
It is important to know how to get ready for a running. If you are not at all a sportsman, do not throw you lowered head by thinking that you are new Usain Bolt. No, it asks all the same for a minimum of preparation. It's better to entrainer at least one month in advance by making some small jogging 1 - 3 times a week.
It is also recommended to vary the exercises. For example, you can dedicate one of the exits to work your distance; one to work the cardio and your speed of running; and an other one to work your muscular strengthening by centring on thighs, glutei and gainage. It belongs to each to create the own "schedule" of training to be able to be the most successful the D-day. Your exercises have to be varied to perfect you as fast as possible.
At the level of time, it is advised to have a practice between 45 min and 1:15 am, you should not force and to want to make everything all at once but rather to distribute over the week. Concerning the food, every good runner who respects himself knows that he has to have a healthy diet to know how to eat nor too fat, too much sweetened or too much salted, and to hydrate at will (with some water obviously)!

And if one you help to entrainer to you?
On our web site, you can see that we propose numerous tourist routes whether it is on foot, by bicycle or by car: click here. You can thus choose there a circuit which interests you, either just a small part of this one. You can even download there the file GPX which will allow for the people in possession of GPS, to bring in address and phone number and to be guided by this one. While do you wait? Put on your sneakers and it left!

For any further information on the sporting event:


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