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" The boots of 7 places " - Our very favorite of Heritage Days

Curiosité Eva - Webmaster By Eva - Webmaster, the 16 September 2015

As many of us, it is with impatience that we wait every year for the 3rd weekend of September. Why? For European Heritage Days of course!
This weekend (on September 19th and 20th for this year of 2015) allows us it can discover numerous buildings such as museums; monuments; churches; theaters either even banks and courts, for example. For the most part of time, they are places rarely opened to the public. Furthermore, Heritage Days also allow to benefit from reduced rate either from free access. 

"The boots of 7 places"

But, as for me, I wish to point at a very precise event which is going to take place on Sunday, September 20th: the rally discovery "The boots of 7 places".

Although the name reminds you in the tale "The Tom Thumb" of Charles Perrault, do not worry you, you will not be pursued by an ogre who wants to devour you.

The rally discovery " The boots of 7 places " consist in traveling about forty kilometers by car either in bike, for the most hardened. The purpose being to cross 7 places, that is 7 municipalities, to discover in each of her a patrimonial place within the framework of European Heritage Days. This rally is made in the form of riddle, once this one solved, it will guide you then towards the site to be discovered.

From the parking lot of the village hall of Sciecq, at 9 am in the morning, including Saint-Rémy; Villiers-en-Plaine; Saint-Maxire; Germond-Rouvre; Echiré to end in Saint-Gelais, you will discover the "North Pole" of the Communauté d’Agglomération du Niortais ( CAN).

During this trip, a break picnics (to supply by yourself) will be planned, to take back strengths to leave by chance. This one will take place on the picnic area close to the village hall of Saint-Maxire. For the people wishing to participate only in the afternoon, after the picnic, it is possible!

This rally will end near 18 hours, in Saint-Gelais, more exactly in the prairie de la Futaie. From there, you will be welcomed, you and all your fellow travellers to have an apéritif and attend several concerts, proposed by five choirs of the territory, namely Uni’son of Saint-Gelais; the Choeur de l’Egray de Germond-Rouvre; Les Poly’sons de Saint-Maxire; De Si De La de Sciecq and la Boîte à Musique d’Echiré.

To note that this event is free and opened to all.

Put on your boots and it left!

Photos : Darri - OT Niort Marais Poitevin


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