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The beginning of year: the with vitamins height!

Experience Alexandra - Responsable Communication By Alexandra - Responsable Communication, the 12 January 2018

To pursue on the thrown of our first one article of the year, I wished to present you a quite new company create six months ago: " the Extract ".
Let us leave to Coulon, on the site of the former dairy and let us meet Claire Bosselut, the creator and the president of this quite young company.
Claire worked for a long time in the United States where she was able to get acquainted with cold-pressed juices, to enjoy them and to appreciate them. In the country of the hamburger, we also find shops to eat healthily! Of return in France, she pressed her vegetables and did not miss to notice that it also pleased the circle of acquaintances, her colleagues. She thus decided to dash!
Fruits and vegetables result essentially from local truck farmers and even the quirky are accepted! They are blocked in packagings FART recycled and recyclable. Surprising associations of vegetables and fruits which will allow you to have your daily dose of vegetables! And in these small bottles of 50 cl, you have the equivalent of 1 kg of vegetables! Watch out, to consume quickly and to keep in the refrigerator, even not opened.
Vegetable drinks and tonic waters complete the range of products. For the tonic water called "Calypso", you will tear nothing what by moving the bottle for its effect snowball with seeds of shit partners in the aloe vera to favor your transit!
I tested several bottles (Athena, Calypso, Artémis, Hélios, Phoenix). Nothing to do with juices of fruits and vegetables which you have already enjoyed. The cold pressing keeps all the nutritional values, but really gives the impression of bitting into full tooth in a beet, a cucumber … My preference goes towards the green bottle called "Artémis". It reminds me in tasteful term a gazpacho. The fennel is not too present, it is the cucumber which is imperative.
For the good resolutions of the year, to make sure to have his with vitamins dose, to give it a clear conscience also excesses of the parties, you can be made a cure. All the information here
You will have understood it, these juices are good for you! The used packagings respect the planet, waste stemming from pressings is restored to the truck farmers for their compost … Then, that to ask furthermore!

In your health and to consume without moderation!

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