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The art of the niortaise glove factory exposes itself to the museum Bernard d' Agesci!

Curiosity Célia - assistante en communication By Célia - assistante en communication, the 07 September 2017

It is by the end of rainy day that I went to the museum Bernard d'Agesci to take advantage of its exhibition on the niortaise chamoiserie-glove factory. Having measured rooms and corridors of the historic building, formerly girls' high school, and having discovered its numerous collections, it is the new exhibition which it shelters at the ground floor, which I had the opportunity to visit.

And what a surprise! The installation, entitled " Chamoiserie and glove factory, a secular tradition ", redraws the rich history of these small business sector appropriate to our city on not less than six rooms and stages tools, skins and daily objects bequeathed in particular by the leaders of factories Boinot in the 1990s.

It is first of all treated sheepskins and manuscripts of archives that wait for the visitor in the entrance of the exhibition to tell the vestiges of the business of “ chamoiserie ” in Niort in the course of the centuries … The journey continues by the discovery of a banner of procession of the feast of Saint John, the boss of “ chamoiseurs ”, celebrated to 1970s, as well as of a surprising collection of gloves and with a ruddy complexion fabrics.

In the course of shop windows, rare and sophisticated rooms come to light and transport us centuries behind: in the hands of the ladies or still the riders, in a toilet bag or a signed suitcase Louis Vuitton … A remarkable know-how, which calls on to all our senses!

A documentary movie of the 1960s, thrown in the twilight, and a room dedicated to tools, machines and bosses learn us a little more on the unique process techniques of gloves by Niortais.

An inescapable exhibition on our local know-how which calls up to the delight, even the Niortais! Conceived as a thematic route, the various installations propose you a journey in the time (not so distant) when the niortaises creations made dream up to the Americans …

To visit to the museum Bernard d'Agesci until September 17th, 2017,
from Tuesday till Sunday.
Free for people under 25 and on every first Sunday of the month.


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