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Test the rally-investigation " Niort in the Belle Epoque "!

Family Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC By Frédéric - assistant base de données et TIC, the 26 May 2017

The class media of the middle school Gérard-Philipe of Niort built a route in Niort of the Belle Epoque: a detective story to be disentangled with the application Guidigo inviting to visit Niort differently by listening to the descriptions of monuments while revealing the indications!
But before putting you in the skin of a fine detective, let us hand over at the moment to 27 schoolchildren so that they reveal you a little more.

What is the genesis of this educational project?
It is the project which was led during an EAR (Interdisciplinary Practical Education) during a week, framed by three professors (French, documentation and Spanish). It followed upon a chapter over the 19th century around Guy de Maupassant, where from the choice of the Belle Epoque which extends till the beginning of the war 14-18. The challenge was to propose a journey in the time in a modern and attractive way on the theme of the city (program of French). The idea of the investigation came naturally. As we are a class media, we thought that to look and to spread information on our city, Niort, was really interesting.

We are February 12th, 1913, at about 3 pm. What happens in the City hall of Niort?
While the life passes by quietly in the streets of the center, the banker Gustave Coutant is found dead in front of the City hall. He was stabbed and the money contained in its suitcase was stolen. The mayor and the alderman nevertheless crossed him one half an hour previously …

What are the various sites and monuments met during the investigation?
We follow the interrogation of witnesses in the place where they were between 2:30 pm and 3 pm on this February 12th: in front of the cinema Pathé, on the place of the Brèche, in front of the Big Café, the department stores, the Passage of the Business, the Halles, the public baths, the Donjon, the city hall …

Certain witnesses and suspects, questioned by the policeman Paul Delafonce, practise jobs today disappeared. What are they and of what did they consist?
We can so meet chimney sweeps, salesgirl, laundress, grinder (who sharpens knives), an alderman (a kind of local councillor), an apothecary (pharmacist), a hatter, a man-awakening (who woke people in the morning by banging in window panes), a falotier (who switched on streetlights) …

To unmask vile perpetrator of the crime,
fast meeting on the application Guidigo to be downloaded free of charge
on Appstore, Google play or Glass either on

Photo credits: professional photographer Michel Hartmann and  the class media of the middle school Gérard-Philipe of Niort


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