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Taking care of yourself in Niort when you’re young: nothing could be easier!

Experience Mathis - Stagiaire au pôle communication By Mathis - Stagiaire au pôle communication, the 12 February 2021

There are many activities in Niort when you want to think about something other than your exams. For example, we can cite a place well known in Niort: the gardens of the Brèche, a large green area that was once a parking lot. They are lined with terraces of cafes, restaurants and a large cinema called the Méga CGR de Niort* where you can find all your favorite actors.

For the lovers of sliding, there is the skatepark which is located next to the swimming pool of Pré-Leroy which, for both, the City of Niort decided to give them a new youth by restaurant. Accessible all year round, they are positioned right next to the Sèvre Niortaise and a small corner of garden. Inaugurated this year, the brand new skatepark was built by the 3R Factory equipment manufacturer based in Morbihan (recognized by the riding community), replacing the 2005 one which was no longer up to standards. It has a larger evolution space of 1,900 m2 with ramp, half pyramid, double steps, 3x3 curb and slide bars.

If you’re looking for entertainment that doesn’t require a lot of exercise, but a lot of thinking, there’s Escape Yourself*, Niort’s escape game located in the centre of the city. Accompanied by your best friends, you will have to try to solve the riddle that will be proposed to you in a limited time.

For those who want to enjoy the peace and discover the remains of another time, the Niort Dungeon Museum* opens its doors to the public all year round. Inside, you can find 1000 years of history, as well as archaeological and ethnographic collections.

And finally, there’s nothing better than spending an evening with friends and going for a drink. For that, there’s the Øx Taverne*. Brand new to Niort, it offers to cool off with good beers while practicing axe throwing: nothing better to relieve the pressure of exams!

*While waiting for its reopening soon, I hope!


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