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Street art in the streets of Niort

Curiosity Marie - étudiante en management touristique et stratégies digitales By Marie - étudiante en management touristique et stratégies digitales, the 16 April 2021

Fancy an original cultural stroll? Discover urban art in the heart of Niort!

A walk or bike in the streets of the city center to (re)discover or the works made on the walls of the city by the artists invited during the street art festival "The 4th Wall". Culture is also on our walls!

Every year, the City Cultural Service and the Winterlong Gallery Association organize a street art festival "The 4th Wall". This term is used in the world of theatre to designate the invisible wall that separates actors from the public, but, here, the will of Eric Surmont, the artistic director of the festival, is to make this wall visible and to share the emotions of artists with the public. During this festival, French and international artists are invited to express themselves freely on the walls of Niort for a giant open-air exhibition. In 2019, three well-known artists appeared: Will Barras, O.Two and Daniel Muñoz.

Some works are ephemeral and only remain visible for a few months. Others are permanently integrated into the urban landscape and you can find them at the corner of a street, at the bend of a road or in the middle of a parking lot! This walk will allow you to discover not only the frescoes of Niort, but also its Keep, its streets filled with dragons and its very pleasant green spaces.

If you want to create your itinerary before you leave, you can find the location and some pictures of the frescoes on the website of the gallery.
And don’t hesitate to post a photo of the fresco you discovered with the #streetartniort on Instagram!

Photos in illustration: Parking de la Croix Rouge, rue Rochette, work of the American Momo (2014); Rue de l'Yser, work of the Spanish Nuria Mora (2016) and rue Claude Monet, work of the Italian Agostino Iacurci (2015).


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