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Small tricks before Christmas

Family Amandine - Etudiante en Communication By Amandine - Etudiante en Communication, the 11 December 2014

D-15 before the D-day, the day of Christmas. We thus have some time to take advantage of the magic of Christmas and to make our last purchases.

If as me you are lacking every year of ideas for presents and you take yourselves there a little bit at the last minute, don’t worry, there is always a solution. I am going to give you mine : Christmas markets ! Installed in a permanent way as in the gardens of the Brèche in Niort or for two days as in Sain-Gelais, Saint-Maxire or Coulon this weekend. You will find objects craft, unique, original and sometimes customizable. The bit extra when we make Christmas markets it is that we can stop taking a small meal or a waffle to warm itself !

The Christmas market occupies an important place in the magic of Christmas. If you want to lapse into second childhood I advise you to test some activities which take place in the city center of Niort. You have first of all the traditional tour in carriage which allows you to discover all the decorations, alone or accompanied with your children. You can also go to the ice rink and show in all your talents ! Furthermore, be not amazed if you meet men stilts, they cross the city and go to the Donjon of Niort,lit up in the colors of Christmas. Many more animations are organized but I leave you the pleasure to discover them by yourself.

When you have a walk in the streets of Niort, also think of looking at christmas shop windows. Some are very well decorated as in the space Expressions of Smip (street of the City hall). We discover a magic world where two iglooes face each other and welcome animals of paper, exotic, dream silhouettes, drawn or childish. Effects of relief and mirror invite in the journey and in the imagination.

Let us come back to earth. What would be a Christmas Eve without its traditional meal ? In search of fruits, vegetables, meats to cook your traditional recipes, think to markets of farmers as in Bessines this weekend ! The producers will be for your listening and can give you some advice to make a success certainly of your dishes. No courage or no time ? Reserve a restaurant which will concoct you a special meal for Christmas. Small trick to stay at home and not cook, certain restaurant owners suggest you dishes of Christmas takeaway !

It is now time to put on hats, gloves, slings and stick his nose outside.


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